Wedding Videography Process

My Approach to wedding videography

I’m here for you through the whole process

After booking your wedding videography with me, I don’t just disappear until your wedding day. I’m here for you for the whole wedding videography process. I’m happy to help wherever I can. Whether it’s guidance to do with your wedding film, wanting to share in your excitement, or share a worry.

Preparation, Planning, and your Timeline

I know how important your wedding videography is and so I’m all about planning and preparation. Before your wedding day, I’ll keep checking in along the way. And I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have. I love connecting with my couples on Instagram so I can follow along with the countdown to their wedding day.

A couple of months before your wedding day I’ll send you my final questionnaire. This is where I find out all the details of your day, and what you’re looking for from your wedding film. 

Aerial drone footage

When filming weddings I always bring my drone to capture stunning aerial venue and location shots. As flying our drone is weather and restrictions dependent, this is included as standard – there’s no extra charge. If I can fly, I will!

Professional audio recording

When creating a wedding film the audio makes up half of the story, so it’s really important it’s captured properly. I always use professional audio recording equipment to capture your wedding vows and speeches, as well as other parts of your wedding day.

Your Wedding Film Teaser

Nobody wants to wait for their wedding film, and your wedding film teaser trailer means you don’t have to. In a beautiful sixty second film, we tell the story of your wedding day – it’s perfect to share with your friends and family straight away. We will supply your teaser on our Instagram account within one week after your wedding.

Creating your Wedding Video

While you’re thinking about every detail of your wedding, we’re thinking about the moment you sit down to watch your wedding film for the first time . We know by that point all the special moments of your day will have turned into memories and it’s our job to bring them back alive for you. We count it an incredible honour to film our couples on their wedding day and creating your wedding video is not something we take lightly.

Your Film

We have our own style which we draw on to create every one of our wedding films. They’re always about the emotion, the details, and capturing a little extra magic than just simply what happened. We create timeless wedding films that bring everything flooding back for our couples and make people who couldn’t be there feel like they were.

Wedding Films Edit Styles

Documentary Edit

Documentary Edit – a documentary style wedding video, also known as a journalistic, gives you a play-by play of the entire wedding. It is typically shown in chronological order. This is the traditional approach for wedding videos, so it can capture all of the special moments of the day. The end result, depending on the length of the ceremony and speeches, can be from 30 to 60 minutes in length. We will include all the usable footage we have captured.

Cinematic Edit

Cinematic Edit – is an artistic way of displaying your wedding without missing any of the important moments. It focuses on telling the story of your wedding in creative way. This style of edit is more complex and non-linear edit, meaning the footage will not be in chronological order. The end result will be around 20-40  minutes. If you decide for cinematic edit we will supply additional video with full wedding ceremony and speeches.

How I work as a wedding videographer


If I am booked for full day I’ll turn up to the main preps around 3 hours before the ceremony. I’ll start some candid filming. This normally takes around 30-60min, during which I’ll capture some detail shots of the flowers, dresses, etc and family and friends getting make-up.


After the preps I’ll head to where the ceremony will be taking place and set up my cameras on their tripods, microphones. etc. Usually I’m doing 3-4 cameras setup, depending on size of the venue. I’ll then start filming the guests arriving.


After filming the ceremony I’ll film the guests mingling and also the family photoshoot 

Couple shoot

After the family photographs, the photographer and I will take the couple for a wander somewhere nearby. If you have more time I ma happy to travel to some nice location like beach, woods, etc. I’ll get the nice natural shots in between the photo poses. 


Once I’ve got lots of candid shots, I’ll head over to the dining area and do some shots of table setup and details. I’ll set up my cameras in discreet positions, normally as far from top table as possible as I am using long lenses. Each speaker will be given a lavalier  microphone before everyone is called for dinner and speeches. Once the speeches are complete I’ll turn off my cameras and have a break.

Evening Reception

After dinner I’ll capture guests mingling. Around 60min before the first dance I’ll set up along with the band / or DJ.  I’ll have my cameras set up in discreet positions at the side of the dance floor ready to capture first 3 dances. 

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