Our Edit Styles

Documentary and Cinematic

Once you’ve selected the coverage you want, you then get to choose how we edit your film. Check our two – documentary and cinematic edit styles – to see which one will suit you.


Documentation Edit – a documentary style wedding video, also known as a journalistic, gives you a play-by play of the entire wedding. It is typically shown in chronological order. This is the traditional approach for wedding videos, so it can capture all of the special moments of the day. The end result, depending on the length of the ceremony and speeches, can be from 40 to 60 minutes in length. We will include all the usable footage we have captured.


Cinematic Edit – is an artistic way of displaying your wedding without missing any of the important moments. It focuses on telling the story of your wedding in creative way. This style of edit is more complex and non-linear edit, meaning the footage will not be in chronological order. The end result can be from 20 to 30 minutes. If you decide for cinematic edit we will supply additional video with full speeches.

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